The Roleystone Junior Football club was established in 1973 by a small number of parents in the community. The following is a copy of the hand written notes in recorded in the first books of the Roleystone Junior Football Club. 1972 could well be called the year of the Tigers, the Roleystone Tigers, for it was in 1972 that this story began, and as the years go by the story in this book will lengthen. It is hoped that the activities and records of our club will be written in this book so as in the future we will e able to look back and remember some of the things that have been achieved. It all began in about July 1972 when Alan Pearson and Jim Morrissey decided to see just how many boys there were interested in Australian Rules Football. Saturday morning at 9.00am was the time and about 20 eager boys turned up to have a run, aged from about 4 years to 12 years old. Jim Morrissey took them for their first training runs. Soon we had grown to 309 and it was decided to hold a social match against Perth Centrals. Their team was under 11 years, ours was picked from all the boys available. Well our first match, the first game of football organized outside of the local primary school, and we won. Maybe not a very significant win to most, but an important one to the boys who played. There were a couple of other social games that year, we won and lost, but the first one was the important one because it meant the beginning of Australia Rules in Roleystone.

By the end of 1972 season there was a strong following of parents who wanted to form an interim committee to draw up a constitution and run the activities of the boys until a club was properly formed. This committee was to try and affiliate with the South Suburban Junior Association, draw up the constitution and raise money to present to an Annual General meeting in April 1973. The committee President Jim Morrissey, Vice President A Lance, 3rd Vice President Ray Pound, Secretary A Pearson, Treasurer Mrs B Lorie. The above committee held many meetings during the course of the remainder of 1972. Some meetings were made general to get the feeling and views of other people who were interested but not on the committee. The first Annual General Meeting was brought forward to March 1973. Before the 1972 season finished there were up to 60 boys of various ages coming to Saturday morning training. Originally it was decided to make a team of U10 years but with the response of the Roleystone football club were to nominate U12 years as well. The season drew to a close and all agreed to finish off with a “players tea” in the Old Roleystone Hall. As usual it was a feast provided by the mothers who had worked so hard to see that the boys had the best of everything. The boys had also been asked to nominate a nick name for our club. And the name TIGERS was the favored – probably because the committee had decided to use the black and gold colors similar to the State Jumper. 1973 season began with the Annual General Meeting on the 9th March. Ray Pound and Les Annison had drafted a constitution which would be adopted, office bearers were Pres. J Morrissey, V Pres R Pound, Secretary A Pearson, Treasurer L Annison, Property Maint L Annison, Social Sec R McManus, P & D Board D Shepherd, Delegates R Pound & L Annison, Goal Umpire D Winstanley. So the season was underway and soon we had our two coaches. The U10’s were to be coached by Joe Valenta. The U12’s by Frank Stephenson. Mr Don Shepard was approached to become patron of the club and he gladly accepted the position. Two sets of jumpers had to be purchased at a cost of $150.00 per set which at the time seemed a mountainous task. The club decided to suggest to the associated that it hold a lightning carnival before the season, to raise money. The association agreed to support us in this and soon we were busy making arrangements. U10’s & U12’s – 14 teams in all. The day came, a day that would test the organizing ability of our club. It is of course history now at the efficient and workman like way in which the whole thing went off and the club came through the test with flying colors. Soon the 1973 season was under way; many boys were to represent our club this year. It was a great sight to see our own boys playing football in their own district.