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Executive Committee Members

The Club would like to thank all the past and present Committee Members for their support and tireless efforts towards the club. 

Without your help we would not have the club we have today.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

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The club also recognises the efforts of it's players and members by awarding the following each year:

Most Valuable Club Person
Most Valuable Club Person is awarded to a special person that deserves to be awarded for their outstanding efforts throughout the season.
This person should be a dedicated club person who goes above & beyond and who always upholds the RJFC club codes, policies & procedures

Sam Saffioti Club Person

This award is “not” a best on ground award, this is one for the underdog!  (Encouragement Award) - Sam loved the underdog, the player that played with heart, that player you may not notice as best on ground, but they are that player that - always tries their best, is front and centre at training and game days, always listening to direction and tries their hardest to improve their skills, is encouraging to fellow teammates and respectful to the coaching staff and officials.

Sam Saffioti Club Person is awarded to a playing member of the club that is chosen by Samantha Saffioti and family, for upholding the same values and principals as the late Sam Saffioti. An all round respectful club person.  
Nominations are put forward to the family each year.

Club Champion
Club Champion is awarded to a player with the highest vote counts in the district and club combined. These points are nominated by game day umpires throughout the season and selected officials on game day.

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